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K20 Wire Link 91P 273mm - 25H/55WIDG23552


  • 3x wire pitch link at 91mm
  • Suitable for 91mm pitch fences
  • Faster Configuration
  • Maximum Anti-climb coverage
  • On Tensioner Configuring
  • Zn/Al coating for corrosion protection

Please note this product needs to be ordered in multiples of 25.

SKU: G23552
  • 91mm 25H/55W
  • 182mm 60H
  • 182mm 25H/55W
  • 182mm 60H/70W
  • 182mm 60H/105W
  • 273mm 25H/55W
  • 364mm 25H/55W

Ordering Information and Specification

Colour: Zinc / Aluminium Coating

Pack Size: 25

Operating Temperature -40° to +60°   °C
Dimensions 275 x 25 x 60   mm
Plastic Parts UV Stabilised, outdoor rated  
Metal Parts Zn or Zn/Al based protective coatings, outdoor rated  
Controller Compatibility All Gallagher electric security fence energizers and Gallagher Fence Integrity Monitors  
Operating Range Humidity 0 to 100  
Nut Min Allowable Torque 15  
Nut Max Allowable Torque 5  
Bolt 12  
No Video Available