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SMB HBUS 8 in BoardIDC500680

The Gallagher SMB 8In Board extends the connectivity of the Gallagher Controller via the HBUS communications protocol.  The HBUS communication is based on the RS485 standard and can communicate over a distance of up to 500m (1640ft) at a speed of 1 Mb/s.   


The SMB HBUS 8In board is secured using open standard, leading authentication and encryption.  Secure communication features are enforced automatically.  


Please note: SMB hardware can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 

SKU: C500680

Benefits & Features: 

  • Secure communication based on RS485 standards. 

  • Devices maintains a heartbeat, altering the system if taken offline. 

  • Communicate over a distance of up to 500m (1640ft) at a speed of 1 Mb/s. 

  • The board provides connection for 8 inputs. 

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