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SMB Permaconn Kit AU (Cellular & Monitoring)IDC500610

The Permaconn PM54 is a high-speed internet router that provides 4G fallback if the site's internet connection fails. It is ideal for sites where the fixed network is unreliable. The Permaconn PM54 can also function as an alarm communicator, transmitting alarms from the Gallagher SMB Controller to a third-party monitoring station using the Contact ID alarms transmission protocol. The Permaconn PM54 is powered by the Gallagher SMB Kit and provides connection to the site's WAN or Wi-Fi. 

The SMB Permaconn Kit includes: 

  • Permaconn PM54 kit 
  • DB9 cable 
  • Ethernet cable 
SKU: C500610

Gallagher have developed a high-level integration with the PM54 that supports the Contact ID alarms transmission protocol. The PM54 connects to the controller’s RS232 port. Alarms are sent using the PM54 to the nominated monitoring station. 

To activate the PM54, the technician must log into the Permaconn Atlas portal (see install note) and configure the device as either a router or alarm communicator. A customized activation process has been developed in Atlas to streamline the activation of an SMB Permaconn. 

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