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SMB Intruder AlarmsIDC500850

The intruder alarm system allows customers to arm and disarm their alarm, and manage incidents and users across multiple sites, all from their smartphone.  Site Managers can see who has armed, disarmed, or gained access to the site in the History Log. Without monitoring enabled, sites are self-monitored. 


Please note: SMB Services can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 

SKU: C500850

Benefits & Features: 

  • Multi-Site - manage multiple sites from one app. 

  • Entry Delay - set timeframe to disarm when entering an area before an alarm is activated.  (5 secs to 15mins - default 15mins). 

  • Exit Delay - set timeframe between arming a site and the site been armed.    

  • Late to Arm Notification - notification sent if the site is not armed by a specific time. 

  • Offline Connection - local arming, disarming or requesting access. 

  • User Management - add, edit, and remove users directly from the app and manage users’ privileges. 

  • Roles & Privileges - three roles available (Site Manager, Site Admin and Site Member) with different privileges to manage and access sites. 

  • Self-Monitoring - notified when an incident occurs information is provided in real-time within the app for customers to make an informed decision as to whether to visit the site themselves. 

  • History Log - view what has happened on the site. 

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