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SMB Configuration AppIDSMB002

The Gallagher SMB Configuration app has been designed by technicians, for technicians.

Leveraging Gallagher’s extensive experience in the security industry, the Gallagher SMB Configuration app has been designed as a one-stop portal for technicians to add, configure, monitor, and manage customer sites. Designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface, a site can be configured using a computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere at any time.

The app can only be used as part of the SMB solution.

Once registered as an SMB partner, technicians will receive a registration email with a link provided to the Configuration app.

Anywhere anytime

The app provides remote management, monitoring, and configuration of customer sites. View item status and events in real-time. Resolve site issues remotely.

Easy to use

Manage all customer sites from an intuitive, easy to use interface. Configure a customer’s site using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Plug and play

Simply scan the controller’s QR code to assign a controller to a site. The controller will receive an IP address using DHCP – no IP addressing is required. The default configuration template automatically populates the site with the hardware items included in the kit, reducing configuration time.

Secure and up to date

Experience a future-proof solution that is always secure and up to date. Site data is always accessible, backed-up, and secure. The app updates automatically as new software features and security enhancements become available.


Scale the solution to meet the requirements of the customer. Add new sites or scale existing sites.
A site’s configuration can be expanded by adding areas, doors, readers, and I/O boards within the app.


The Gallagher SMB Configuration app communicates to the Gallagher Cloud using Wi-Fi or cellular data from the technician’s device.

The Gallagher SMB Configuration app supports desktop and mobile views. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers.

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