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Active DirectoryIDC12617

Gallagher Command Centre uses the inherent capabilities of Microsoft® Active Directory (AD) to provide two integrated solutions.

  • Cardholder Sync allows for cardholder permissions and information to be transferred from Active Directory through to Command Centre.
  • Single Sign On allows operators to be automatically logged into Command Centre when they log into Windows on their PC.

Cardholder Sync and Single Sign On simplify the user experience by:

  • Seamlessly linking physical access permissions to existing logical access permissions
  • Eliminating duplication of data entry, minimizing the possibility of data errors and ensuring fast and efficient management of staff
  • Ensuring a swift response to security risks by disabling both logical and physical access permissions at the click of a button
SKU: C12617

Active Directory Cardholder Sync

Gallagher’s bidirectional Microsoft Active Directory Cardholder Sync enables Active Directory user records to be replicated through to Gallagher Command Centre cardholder records. This includes creation, modification and deletion of both user details and access permissions.

Additionally, changes to cardholder details and images within Command Centre can be replicated out to Active Directory or a file share location. Combining the power of both the Cardholder REST API and Cardholder Change Tracking API, the Active Directory Cardholder Sync is packaged in a single installer, and is fully configurable to suit the Active Directory structure of your organization.

Active Directory single sign on

Simplify and automate operator logon to Command Centre or Visitor Management applications. Command Centre can take advantage of the inherent capabilities of Microsoft® Active Directory password management, such as enforced expiry dates and password complexity for Command Centre logon. Password policies set by the IT department via Active Directory can now be effectively inherited by Command Centre.

Command Centre also supports the ability for the system to automatically log an operator in to Command Centre when the application is launched using their Windows logon and password validated at logon via Active Directory.

Command Centre Licenses
Operating System- Server Windows 7 Pro/ Ultimate* SP1, Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit only),Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2012 Server R2, Windows 2016 Server,Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise or Windows 2019 Server  
Operating System- Workstation Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate* SP1, Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise or Windows 2019