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Command Centre Mobile AppID2A8559

The Command Centre Mobile App enables you to extend your security and access control directly to where you need it, allowing you to manage everyday security issues from anywhere on site. 

Downloadable from the Apple App and Google Play stores, this software provides you with the ability to manage your security from your mobile device.

The app interfaces directly with Gallagher Command Centre, providing a secure link to the site management capabilities that already bring security and business efficiency to your site. 

Mobile Reader

The Gallagher Mobile Reader, extends the range of your card reading capabilities, allowing you to implement access control anywhere you need it.  

Portable identity verification is easy with the Mobile Reader, allowing security operators to instantly view cardholder details with a simple scan of an access card.

  • Mobile automatic identity search with Gallagher Command Centre.
  • Reads all Gallagher encoded MIFARE cards.
  • Wide range of supported iPhones. iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 and SE (2020) have unique attachment trays*.
  • Durable polycarbonate construction.
  • USB battery charging.
  • Comes with micro USB cable and international power adapter.  Ideal for environments where random checks are conducted. 
  • Reading credentials natively can be done with the Mobile Reader attached, it does not need to be removed to switch between different card types.
SKU: 2A8559

Features and benefits

  • Guards can be more mobile and spend more time out on patrol. 
  • Manage alarms and perform common overrides away from the control room. 
  • Grant or deny access to a zone using the Mobile Reader.
  • Tell at a glance whether a person is authorized to be in a location and record the reason for failed access.
  • Respond to open door requests from anywhere on site. 
  • Remotely monitor the status of access zones, alarm zones, fence zones and doors. 
  • Access incident details remotely and add notes regarding alerts for control room oversight. 
  • Trigger pre-configured macros or zone lockdown. 
  • In the event of a lost card, remotely disable cardholder rights to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Easily configure Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled readers with our mobile configuration wizard.
  • Scan QR and Barcode for quick information display on cardholder or asset.
  • Optimize personnel flow and safety on-site during a drill or emergency using Mobile Evacuation.
  • Capture cardholder photos
  • Read both Mobile Connect and some card credentials natively


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