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The Gallagher – PaperCut integration allows documents to be printed securely (staff must visit a print device before printing begins), paper waste is minimized, and print costs are reduced.

The Papercut system queues print jobs, and when a user presents a Gallagher credential at a reader (located adjacent to a printer), Gallagher authenticates the user, and sends a message to Papercut, which then releases the print job. 

Authenticated print

Staff members authenticate to PaperCut enabled devices using a Gallagher issued credential, such as a traditional access card, FOB, or mobile credential (mobile phone).


Easy print management

The complexity of enrolling staff to print management systems is removed via an integration between PaperCut and Microsoft’s Active Directory. Staff simply enter their Active Directory user name and password on any networked PaperCut enabled device and present their access credential.

If a staff member has multiple credentials, they will only need to enroll themselves with one credential at a PaperCut device, and the others will also begin working. The Gallagher reader authenticates the staff member at the printer, releasing the print job. The PaperCut reporting suite can then provide a comprehensive record of user behavior.

Provided By Gallagher