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The optionally integrated Gallagher Visitor Management Client and Self-Registration Kiosk can make reception tasks simple, ensuring smooth processing of visitors upon arrival and letting you rest assured that your health and safety obligations have been met and your site remains secure.

Manage visitor access

  • Carry out pre-registration and reception-based visitor management functions.
  • Share host, visit and visitor management configuration settings across sites so that arriving visitors can be managed from either a reception workstation or a kiosk.
  • Automatically remove access rights when a visit is complete, or when a visitor badges their card at an off-site reader.
  • Customize the sign-in process to allow greater flexibility in the visitor experience.
  • Visitor management tools are fully integrated, meaning information is shared seamlessly between reception personnel and visitors using pre-registration or kiosk services.
  • Use barcodes for quick identification of pre-registered visitors.
  • Simple single-click deployment of visitor management tools can be carried out remotely and allows for automatic updates, saving everyone time.
  • A comprehensive audit trail of all visitor management events, including receptionist actions, visitor pre-registration, escort, host and visitor actions, is securely maintained on the Command Centre server.

Managing visitor access is historically time-consuming, costly and error-prone, potentially compromising security. Receptionists who are reliant on logbook-based visitor management systems can become overloaded and miss vital steps when receiving a sudden influx of visitors. And while many computer-based visitor management systems have automated most tasks, their inability to integrate with a sites existing security management system leaves potential security gaps.

Gallagher's Visitor Management module is a highly configurable, secure and easy-to-use solution. It uses client-server architecture for the Gallagher system, allowing the Gallagher server to communicate with Visitor Management smart clients via network services over TCP/IP.

Advantages of a network services-based architecture include:

  • improved client-server connectivity on modern corporate IT networks
  • encrypted communications between the client-server
  • easier connectivity through corporate firewalls
  • one click client deployment: users can install the application via email containing a one click URL
  • automatic application updates.
SKU: 2A8955

Visitor Management Web Service

The Visitor Management Web Service allows an external system to create and modify visits and visitors.

The web service sits on top of OPC-UA and enables a real time replication of information from an external system to Command Centre, allowing the third-party system to dynamically update visit and visitor information. For the external system to interact with the web service, a custom SOAP application needs to be written. The web service is primarily a data import mechanism but does allow a limited set of information to be queried.

Advantages of using the web service:

  • Reduce manual data entry with automatic processes.
  • Access criteria based on the source record data.
  • Minimize the possibility of data entry errors.

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