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REST API OverridesIDC12812

APIs provide a set of HTTP functions which developers can use to query the Command Centre database, allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre.

The Overrides REST API uses HTTP to override specific items within Command Centre. 

Overrides for the following items are avaliable: 

Door, Access Zones, Alarm Zones, Fence Zones, Macros, Outputs. 


SKU: C12812

Developers guides and sample code avaliable on request. 

Licensed per server. 

This API allows third party systems to override specific items in Command Centre.

  • Provide ability to open a door from a video management platform
  • Trigger an open door override from an intercom or phone system
  • Escalate a high voltage override of an alarm zone based on triggers from a separate system
  • Trigger a macro to perform any number of overrides within Command Centre
  • Perform a lockdown from a third party emergency system
  • Interface with networked print queue management software, to log Cardholders onto a specific printer and retrieve print jobs using a Gallagher credential
  • Send specific alarms to IP phones
  • Send critical alarms to a police dispatch system

In situations where the REST API Client is remote, integrations may be difficult to configure, often requiring support from corporate IT, firewall configuration and other tasks. The Gallagher Cloud API Gateway is designed to solve this connectivity problem for customers.

System Interfaces
Communication Level Server or Controller  
Direction of Transfer In/Out/In+Out  
No Video Available