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HBUS I/O DevicesIDBVC300660

Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices provide flexible, cost effective, secure input and output expansion options, and shared cabling with other HBUS devices.

The HBUS communications protcol is based on the RS485 standard and allows each HBUS I/O Device to communicate  with the Gallagher C6000 Controller over a distance of up to 500m (1640ft) at a speed of 1Mb/s.

The HBUS Wiegand Door module also allows for connection of Wiegand devices, while providing secure HBUS communications to the Controller 6000.

HBUS I/O Device software is automatically available with Controller 6000 software upgrades; no operator intervention is required.

Technology Variant
  • 8 In 2 Out Door Module
  • 4 In 2 Out Door Module, Wiegand
  • 8 In Board
  • 8 In 4 Out Board
  • 16 In 16 Out Board

Features and benefits

  • Unique identities for all field devices.
  • Automated device software upgrades.
  • IT grade authentication and encryption levels to prevent data tampering.

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