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SIP Intercom DeviceIDC12903

To integrate a SIP device with Command Centre, the site also requires the SIP integration license.

The SIP device license allows a SIP device to be integrated with Gallagher Command Centre and enable Gallagher Operators to manage intercoms from Gallagher Command Centre rather than dealing with multiple disparate systems. 

Once a SIP device is connected to Command Centre, users can use the intercom to call an Operator in the Control room.

The Operator can answer a call, place it on hold, forward it to another workstation or intercom, and hang up the call. In Command Centre, a Gallagher door can be associated with an intercom, this allows the Operator to open a door from Intercom Viewer to allow the user through a door.

Command Centre also monitors the connection to the SIP device and raises an event/alarm if the intercom device goes offline.  

Key Benefits:

  • Allows SIP devices to be integrated with Command Centre and therefore improves Operator’s working environment by unifying disparate systems.
  • Process audio and video via Command Centre workstation and removes the need for a master station.
  • One solution that supports various intercom and/or speaker brands.
SKU: C12903

  • License Information: The C12891 SIP Integration includes 5 SIP Device licenses
  • Available and supported: Worldwide.

Provided by Gallagher  
Version Command Centre v8.80 or later  
Developed by Gallagher  
Integration Type Intercom  
No Video Available