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High Conductivity Wire - 2.0mmIDG93230


  • High strength aluminium alloy wire.
  • Helps maintain Gallagher security electric fence pulse and Fence Integrity Monitor signal right to the end of the fence.
  • 3 times better conductivity and one-third the weight of steel wire.
  • Can be easily and rapidly tied-off.
  • Never rusts - a permanent solution even in harsh environments.
SKU: G93230

Ordering Information and Specifications

Part No.                 G93230
Wire Diameter                 2.0mm (14g)
Maximum DC Resistance (Ohms/km)     17
Minimum Breaking Strain (kg)         65
Maximum Tension (kg)             30
Maximum Copper Content (%)         < 0.2
Weight (kg)                 7.5
Roll Size                 1609m (5500ft)

Dimensions 2   mm
Weight 7.5   kg
No Video Available