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Mobile Evacuation LicenseID2A8568

The Mobile Evacuation feature provides the ability to view cardholders located within a monitored area and to move cardholders from a monitored area to another location, such as a muster zone or outside the system.

Cardholders can be identified during an evacuation by viewing the list of cardholders within the monitored area, using the cardholder search function or reading the person's card or their mobile credential.

SKU: 2A8568

DESFire cards or PIV cards (CHUID only) can be read natively using an iPhone 7 or later device. Feature only available on iPhones running iOS 13 or later version.

Mobile Reader hardware (C861300/C861301) enables other card types to be read, i.e. DESFire, PIV, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus and 125 kHz cards.

License is allocated per device and requires Gallagher Command Centre Mobile Application (2A8559)
One Mobile Evacuation license is included with server software (C201311). This license is required for the 2nd Mobile Evacuation device and onwards.

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