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Command Centre WebIDINT146

Command Centre Web is the latest evolution in the Command Centre suite of products. It provides the flexibility and security to easily manage a site from anywhere with an internet connection.

Command Centre Web connects back to a sites on-premise server using the Gallagher API Gateway, allowing safe and secure access to the web client from anywhere there is an internet connection. Log on to the client is also secured with 2-factor authentication using Gallagher Mobile Connect, minimises the risks associated with compromised passwords, ensuring only permitted users can access the system. 

The first module of this focuses on Cardholder Management, and allows administrators to create new cardholders, view cardholder history, view activity of cardholder, manage cards and credentials (excluding printing/encoding cards), manage cardholder access/assign access, and general personal data field (PDF) management. 

Command Centre Web is currently available on a free-trial basis.

With the release of Command Centre v9.10 in May 2024, Command Centre Web will move to an annual subscription format, with a license allocated per user. Users will only pay for what they need, with Cardholder Management the first available subscription package.


Command Centre Web is available from Command Centre v8.80.

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