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The KeyWatcher interface will allow for the daily management of KeyWatcher hardware through Command Centre where access to sets of keys or assets may be allocated to a cardholder through an assignment of a Command Centre Access level.

All events and alarms that take place at the KeyWatcher hardware are sent through to the Command Centre Event Viewer and Alarm Viewer respectively.

Anti-pass back rules may be applied between the release/return of a key and the entry/exit through a selected door/access zone.

There is no wiring required between the KeyWatcher hardware and the Gallagher Controller. The REST based interface manages all of the card information at the KeyWatcher hardware locally.


Product Information

Model: KeyWatcher III LED, KeyWatcher Illuminated, KeyWatcher Touch

Description: All current models offered from Morse Watchman are supported with this interface

Software: KMaaS (Key Management as a Service)

Developed by: KeyWatcher Australia & KeyMaaS Pty Ltd


  • Command Centre Version 8.2 and above
  • Access to Gallagher REST API
  • Access to Gallagher Cardholder Change Tracking API.
  • Wiegand Protocol Convertor (if using a Gallagher Card Reader)

More information: An interface with older versions of Gallagher (<8.2) is available with limited functionality of database management only

Contact: sales@keywatcher.com.au


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Provided By KeyWatcher Australia & KeyMaaS Pty Ltd