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Salient and Gallagher have joined forces to create a powerful, integrated access control and video surveillance system that combines the two technologies for a complete security solution. The combined solution automatically associates access control and video incidents, and provides search and reporting capabilities accessible through both product interfaces. 

With a comprehensive set of fully integrated video and access control security features, the Command Centre and CompleteView™ VMS solution provides actionable information with live viewing and playback features, advanced PTZ control, as well as  notification capabilities for a faster response to security incidents. Using CompleteView combined with Command Centre, you can perform the following with your integrated system: 

  • Utilize the bidirectional capabilities to record on event and search for access control events within the CompleteView interface, including credential holder name, type of event, and reader name 
  • Display live and recorded Video streams from the CompleteView Platform 
  • Play back recorded video associated with a specific alarm from CompleteView with full playback control (play, stop, pause, frame by frame) 
  • View and manage cameras from multiple NVR’s simultaneously

Key benefits:

  • Record on event from triggers and respond to video motion detection alarms with live camera view on demand (with CompleteView Spotlight View) 
  • Recorded video is automatically associated to events 
  • Video playback for management of alarms and events 
  • CompleteView provides a true video surveillance system with capabilities, such as logical camera grouping, email or text alerts, flexible FPS settings and web browser support 
  • Fully scalable

Product Information

System brand: Salient
Product name: CompleteView 
Interface developed by: Salient Systems

CompleteView Software Versions:
•    V5.5 and Higher

Gallagher Software Versions
•    Command Centre 8.40
•    REST API Alarms and Events (Licence C12772)
•    REST API Status (Licence C12810)
•    LIC Video Viewer SDK (Licence C12732)

Available and supported: USA

Integrated Solutions Functionality 

Video Feature

  • Integrates analog, IP, megapixel and HD video feeds into Command Centre interface
  • Built in support for analog cameras, IP cameras and encoders
  • Simultaneous support for MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 and H.265 video formats
  • View live video within Command Centre
  • Playback recorded video within Command Centre
  • Search and playback events from Command Centre within CompleteView
  • Recorded video automatically associated to alarms
  • View and manage cameras from multiple CompleteView NVRs simultaneously
  • PTZ camera control Yes Display current recording status of cameras
  • Live video window popup on event (with CompleteView Spotlight)
  • Playback controls include Play, Stop, Skip to


Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise:

  • Gallagher does not provide any representation, warranty, endorsement or guarantee of these integrated products and any third-party products.
  • Gallagher is not responsible or liable in any way for any features, content or services provided through these integrated products or third-party products.
  • Gallagher does not provide any warranty regarding the compatibility or continued compatibility of third-party products with Gallagher products.


Viewing Live & Stored Footage Yes  
Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast-Forward Yes  
Provided By Salient Systems  
No Video Available