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Bracket 5mm Tri-leg StrainIDBVG20751

The Tri-Leg brackets are designed to fit directly onto the strain post using a self-drilling 14g class 4 galvanised screw, allowing flexibility in selecting the most suitable fastening to suit the application and equipment used. The fixing screws are not included with the bracket.

The Tri-Leg Bracket comes in two sizes to accommodate the majority of chain-link fence strain posts. G20751 is the smaller of the two options designed to suit 50 – 65mm NB (nominal bore) schedule 40 pipe.

The Tri-Leg bracket is designed to cope with load applied by the monitored pulse fence wires operating at a continuous wire tension of 40kg (88lb) when installed at the same locations as per recommended practice for welded strain points. 

  • 50-65mm
  • 80-150mm

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