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F42 Fence ControllerIDG21950


  • Two Zone fence controller
  • HV Plus Mode (Automatic Escalation)
  • F4 Fence Controllers can be installed as standalone or networked (HBUS) fence controllers
  • Onboard dipswitch configuration for standalone installation
  • Visual Fence Health and Alarm status display right at the fence controller
  • Service mode operation for ease maintenance with Magnetic Key
  • LV synchronization of allows for multiple fence controllers to be synchronized together
  • Smart battery management maintains site security if AC power fails
  • Auto backup testing and reporting for maintenance purposes
  • Auto temperature monitoring and pulse management for reliable operation in hostile environments
  • Magnetic Key & Power supply (excl fig 8 lead) included

Awards received

  • New product award for Outdoor Perimeter Protection - 2017 Security Today New Product of the Year Awards
  • Platinum Award Winner, Outdoor Perimeter Protection category - 2017 Govies Government Security Awards

See our awards page for more information.

SKU: G21950
Technology Variant
  • F41 Fence Controller
  • F42 Fence Controller


  • Available in two models, single circuit (F31 and F41) or dual circuit (F32 and F42)
  • F4 models feature HVplus mode for additional deterrent 
  • F-Series delivers 2.3J output per circuit (3.6J for F4 HVplus mode)
  • Easy maintenance design
  • Alarms for fence zone, battery missing, battery test failure, tamper, over-temperature, LV signal loss, conflicting sync masters, or service mode enabled
  • Five day historic alarm retention
  • Support for external power management options
  • Voltage and temperature reporting
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Internal temperature monitoring. 

Note: Some features are only available in networked mode.

Stand-alone or networked solutions

F-Series Fence Controllers can be deployed as either stand-alone (no need for an HBUS connection) or with Command Centre (v7.40 or later) as a fully integrated networked fence controller with full capabilities. F-Series Fence Controllers are delivered in their stand-alone configuration and can easily be configured as networked fence controllers via a simple on-board switch. 


The stand-alone configuration is designed to integrate with a customer’s existing alarm panel using simple I/O connections. This allows the fence to be controlled with the arming and disarming of the site, using the alarm panel keypads. Configuration of the device is via internal switches, control is via input signals, monitoring is via alarms (visible on the cover display), and relay outputs is to an alarm panel or other indicator devices. Stand-alone systems may consist of an individual fence controller or multiple fence controllers which are synchronized. 

Note: To avoid having multiple masters, the stand-alone unit has been designed to integrate with an existing alarm panel and to be monitored and controlled from the alarm panel keypads.

Networked – HBUS

F-Series Fence Controllers can be connected via HBUS to Command Centre, where alarm monitoring, hardware/software configuration and data reporting can all be undertaken. F-Series Fence Controllers use Gallagher’s HBUS protocol for secure communication to a Controller 6000 which communicates to the server/workstation (Command Centre) via a TCP/IP network. 

Networked functionality requires Command Centre v7.40 or later.

Fence Controllers
Fence Circuits 2  
Pulse rate 1 pulse per 1.5sec  
Low Feel 100% 1.0kV (500Ω)† 10% 0.4kV (500Ω)  
Output per Circuit 2.3/3.6   J
Maximum HV circuit resistance 300   ohms
HV 100% Nom 8.0kV  
HV Dual Pulse 10.0kV (wire to earth)  
Max recommended fence zone length 300   m
Sync options LV/HV  
Max contact rating 2 A at 20V DC / AC RMS  
Software Command Centre v7.40 or above  
Power supply voltage 89 - 265V AC, 50 / 60Hz   V/Hz
Power Consumption 55   W
Aux DC Output 12 - 15V 0.7A (re-settable fuse)   V/Hz
Internal Backup battery 4  
Protection rating IPX4   IP
Max LV sync cable distance 1.2km CAT5e/Copper, 50km Fibre   km
Standards compliance RCM, FCC, ROHS, CE, SANS 60335-2-76:2006 Edition 2.1, ASNZS 60335.2.76:2003 Edition 2.1 inc A1, A2, A3 IEC 60335-2-76:2002 Edition 2.2 inc A1:2006 + A2:2013Compliance and certification information is available on our support site or by contacting Gallagher  
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