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Gallagher SMB Expansion KitIDC500310

The SMB solution is scalable should additional inputs and outputs or more than 4 doors be required.     


The Gallagher SMB Expansion Kit provides the additional I/O and LSP D8 Power Distribution module to facilitate expanding the solution to 5 or more doors. 


The Gallagher SMB Expansion kit includes: 


  • SMB HBUS 8 IN 4 OUT Board   

  • LSP D8 Power Distribution Module 

  • Expansion wireset  

  • Required spacers, screws & grubscrews 


Please note: SMB hardware can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 

SKU: C500310

The system can be extended by connecting multiple HBUS devices to a single RS485 port on the controller.  Each RS485 can support I/O boards and readers to increase the system’s capacity to: 

  • 10x Doors 

  • 10x Readers (T11 or T15) 

  • 128x Inputs  

  • 64x Outputs  

  • Unlimited Areas 

  • Unlimited Users 

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