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Gallagher SMB Monitoring KitIDC500615

The Alula BAT-Connect is a universal communicator functioning as an alarm communicator, transmitting alarms from the Gallagher SMB Controller to a third-party monitoring station using the Contact ID alarms transmission protocol. The Alula BAT-Connect is powered by the Gallagher SMB Kit and provides connection to the site's WAN, WiFi or 5G.  


The Gallagher SMB Monitoring kit includes: 


  • Alula BAT-Connect 

  • Alula Antenna 2.5m  

  • PSTN Dialler  

  • Monitoring Wireset  


Please note: SMB hardware can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 

SKU: C500615

Gallagher have developed a high-level integration with the BAT-Connect that supports the Contact ID alarms transmission protocol. The BAT-Connect connects to the controller’s RS232 port. Alarms are sent using the device to the nominated monitoring station.  


The BAT-Connect will be activated by Gallagher once purchased.  

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