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SMB T11 ReaderIDBVC500430

The Gallagher SMB T11 Reader can be configured as an arming reader or access reader. The reader allows users to arm, disarm, or request access at a locked door. Through the SB app a user’s smartphone communicates with the reader using Bluetooth® or NFC.   


The Gallagher T11 is a multi tech reader supporting MIFARE smart card technology Bluetooth® wireless technology which can be utilised through the Gallagher SMB app or SMB tags.  Utilizing the high speed RS485 HBUS protocol, Gallagher readers can offer an unparalleled access decision response time. 


Robust construction makes it perfect for deployment in environmentally challenging locations. Our comprehensive testing procedures prove the T11 delivers outstanding all-weather performance, making it the easy choice for outdoor use. 

Please note: SMB hardware can only be used as part of the SMB Cloud Solution. 

Color Variant
  • Black
  • White

  • Multi Tech Reader includes support for the Gallagher SMB solution via Bluetooth wireless technology, SMB Key Tags and SMB Cards. 

  • Bluetooth connection settings can be adjusted to improve performance. 

  • Secure reader authentication and encryption of data communications. 

  • Environmentally friendly – RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption. 

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