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Car Park Management SolutionIDC12816

Managing car park allocation and access can be complex. Gallagher’s Car Park Management Solution simplifies this process and allows you to easily manage parking lot access, assignment, and occupancy from within Command Centre. 

The Gallagher Car Park Management Solution allows you to flexibly configure the car park environment and its parking lot spaces to suit your site's needs. 

Maximize car park occupancy

Inefficient or unauthorized car park use costs money and inconveniences car park users. The Gallagher Car Park Management Solution allows building owners or site managers to maximize use of available parking spaces and respond quickly to non-compliant use. 

Streamline car park management

Command Centre's car park management features are unique in allowing site managers to efficiently manage access control and car parks from one system, saving time and money, and improving situational awareness.

Car park sections can be allocated to tenants in multi-tenanted sites, with the ability to allow tenants to manage day to day parking allocation and occupancy themselves within their section.

SKU: C12816

An improved user experience

Provide a premier user experience for parking lot users. Send a mobile credential directly to a user's phone. The user can request access at the T20 Terminal configured with an increased read range, preventing the need to wind down the car's window.

Intuitive user interface on the terminal provides confirmation of car park access, car park space, and date and time of expiry. If the parking lot is full, a configurable grace period allows for car park exit for a specified number of users, preventing queues forming at the entrance.

Always provide car park access to specific users, (e.g. VIPs)  even if the car park is full, using exemption Access Groups.