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Controller 7000IDC400100

The Controller 7000 (C7000) introduces a new generation of cyber defence with enhanced hardware, that uses industry-leading security infrastructure to generate, process and store cryptographic keys and certificates.


The C7000 is an IP based controller that can manage all localized access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation and logic needs for an organization. Able to operate independently from the Command Centre server, the C7000 ensures predefined responses to monitored events, site safety, and continuity.


The C7000 features a highly scalable system design, able to scale from single door systems to global systems with up to 10,000 controllers.


Key features:

  • IP based 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Access control support for up to 10 wired doors, with multiple readers configurable per door
  • Intruder alarms monitoring and transmission to external monitoring stations
  • Serverless enforcement of business policy, ensuring staff operate in a safe and secure environment - even if connection to the server is lost.
  • High speed RS-485 connectivity and software updates to field devices
  • Programmable controller-based logic that operates independently of the server
  • Industry leading authentication and encryption between the C7000 and all Gallagher elements of the system
  • Support for elevator access control
  • Support for integrated perimeter security
  • Support for integration directly with building management systems
  • Support for multiple wiring topologies, allowing easy connectivity of existing field devices without re-wiring
  • Native programming interface for integration between the controller and 3rd party systems, independent of Command Centre server connectivity
  • Multiple cabinetry and powering options dependent on site requirements
  • Peer-to-peer inter-controller monitoring
  • Compatible with Command Centre v9.0 or later

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