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SMB Demonstration KitIDC500900

The Gallagher SMB Demonstration Kit has been specifically designed as a sales and training tool to enable you to demonstrate the Gallagher SMB solution. 
The suitcase offers a sturdy enclosure suitable for transport and shipping (53 x 42 x 21cm). Net weight at factory is approximately 9.7kg. The controller connects to the internet using the Permaconn PM54 4G cellular router. Documentation describes how to configure the demo site and contains a script for demonstrating the Gallagher 
SMB Mobile App to customers. Contact Gallagher for lead-time details. IEC mains power cord not included.   
The demonstration suitcase contains: 
• 1 x SMB Controller (C500100) 
• 1 x SMB HBUS 8In Board (C500680) 
• 1 x SMB HBUS 8In 4Out Board (C500684) 
• 1 x SMB Fire Relay & Fuse Board (C500993) 
• 1 x Power Supply 3.5A (C200340) 
• 1 x I/O Board Mounting Plate (C200001) 
• 1 x Permaconn Kit (NZ C500609 or AU C500610) 
• 1 x T15 Reader (C500481) 
• 2 x SMB Key Tags (C500470/C500471) 
• Switches to allow for simulation 

SKU: C500900

The Gallagher SMB Web Apps are compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. The Gallagher SMB Mobile App is compatible with the following mobile phones: 
• iPhone 7 or later, iOS 13.0 or later 
• Android devices version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later and Chrome 70 or later 

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