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Crisis AverterIDINT123

Crisis Averter enables any staff member with computer access to discretely activate one of up to three levels of alarm for an appropriate security response, depending on the nature of the safety threat.

In addition to generating alarms, a purpose built alarm monitor can be installed on all desktop computers to alert staff members that a security incident is taking place.


Product information

System brand: Crisis Averter

Product name: Crisis Averter

Software version: 1.0.1

Interface developed by: Red Crater Software Solutions

Gallagher API used to develop the interface: Controller API

Available and supported: New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and United Kingdom

Industry applications: Banking, finance, education, government local, government state, health, law enforcement

Contact for this interface: Peter Neil, email peter.neil@redcrater.co.nz, phone +64 (7) 829 5345, or visit http://redcrater.co.nz/products/security/CrisisAverter.aspx

Provided By Gallagher