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HBUS CableIDC303900

Gallagher provides specialized cables ideal for the high speed HBUS communications protocol, and use in the installation of security systems.

An outdoor version is also available for use in installations that require additional protection from the environment.

SKU: C303900

Features and benefits

  • Superior voltage drop performance for the DC supply conductors, equivalent to three times the distance of a CAT5 cable.
  • Stranded conductors to allow easy distribution to multiple devices.
  • Wire sheaths match HBUS colours for easy recognition.
  • 300 meters of HBUS in an easy-feed box.
  • 1 meter markings along the entire cable.

Operating Temperature -15° to 90°   °C
Outside Diameter 6.4   mm
Height x Width x Depth 445 x 445 x 210   mm
Weight 15.5   kg