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Security Health CheckIDINT128

Gallagher Security Health Check (SHC) is a free tool designed to help you identify and understand vulnerabilities that could exist within your Gallagher security system.

In an industry first, SHC provides an automated method to check your security system for potential risks without the time and cost of manual audits - enabling you to carry out audits more often.

Based on SHC utility test data, we generate a simple and succinct graphical summary report that assesses the severity of threats and recommends specific actions that can be taken to mitigate the risk. 

Download Security Health Check

Please click here to download the SHC utility.


Available free of charge

SHC is free of charge to all Gallagher customers. Gallagher has a philosophy of ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to identify potential vulnerabilities that could occur within your system.

Supported Versions

SHC is supported for the latest 10 versions of Command Centre. SHC will still run on earlier versions but any new tests or modifications to existing tests, won’t be validated for unsupported Command Centre versions.